Friday, September 26, 2008

Farmer Creates Corn Maze Out of Sarah Palin's Image


WHITEHOUSE, Ohio -- From the helicopter you can see it clearly, Republican vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's face in a corn maze.

Duke Wheeler of Whitehouse, Ohio, who owns the Butterfly House and surrounding farm, said he did it to bring people to the farm this fall.

"She created a lot of excitement and we would like to see a lot of excitement out here at the maze," Wheeler said.

It wasn't an easy process.

"We contracted with an artist in Idaho who drew the picture and entered it into a GPS system, flew in and cut it with a John Deere tractor," Wheeler said. "It took him about 8-10 hours to cut it. We saw it from the helicopter it's just a great image of her. I think she'd be proud."

Wheeler expects thousands to come out and check out the corn maze, Butterfly House, and other activities he has planned for the season.

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