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Rumsfeld Gets Cute At The Podium

Thank You Veterans

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Dear Veterans:

As November 11th is the day set aside on our calendar in which we honor you, I wanted to write and publish an open letter of gratitude to all of you. I am very old and before I pass away, I wanted to tell you a little about myself and what I have observed over the years about this land that you have defended.

I was an immigrant to this land; my coming here was a gift not just to me, but to America as well. I have lived in New York all my life and it was a privilege for me to stand and watch the ships from Europe come here, many loaded with other immigrants from all over the world. Many of those that arrived had tears in their eyes as they passed by me; tears of joy that at last their long arduous journey was finally at an end. Day after day, month after month, one ship after another came and disgorged their cargo of people desperate to start a new life in a new land.

This country grew both in size and in stature. All over the world people heard about this thing called freedom, and all those that came, came because they wanted it for themselves and their children; especially their children. Of course, in different areas of the world, where despots and tyrants ruled, America was hated. The only reason was out of jealousy. I suppose it is still true today; many are jealous of what we have here; jealous because they are stuck in a country where individual freedom is non existent, jealous because America has been so richly blessed by Almighty God Himself.

As the nation grew so too did the need for a strong military to defend her. Many immigrants and citizens over the years felt the need to give back to America and they, like you, joined a branch of the military and swore and oath to support and defend our Constitution, and they, like you, did it by swearing this oath to God. Over the years, we have been involved in many conflicts some large, some small. But whenever there has been a need for our servicemen to go into battle, they went because they felt honor bound; many were happy to go, not to enjoy the conflict they were going to, but to show their love for this land and all she represents.

I remember the parades up Fifth Avenue and Broadway whenever you came home. I saw tears in the eyes of many either out of pride or out of remembrance of a loved one who didn’t come home. I watched the parades and I listened to the speeches by the politicians and was profoundly gladdened when this day was set aside to honor you and remember those who had fallen in combat. During the Second World War, I watched the troop ships leave the harbor, people standing on the quays waving a tearful goodbye. Cargo ships bound for England left the harbor as well, served by civilians who went into harm’s way to help that small island nation endure the savage bombing by the Germans. Many of those ships were sunk, many who crewed them died and I remember them as well.

When victory was ours in Europe and in the Far East, the troops came home; well most of them did. And once again their were parades and speeches and crowds in the streets and the harbor was busy disgorging this nation’s battle tested and hardened men and yes, battled tested women who served as well. We, as a nation were so thankful for the work you did, all that you had to endure in order to keep us safe and our liberties secure. We settled down, our economy grew, and we were involved in maintaining the peace in the world and aiding those countries that had been devastated by the war. Even those countries that had been our enemy in that conflict received assistance and help in returning the displaced citizens to their home countries.

In Eastern Europe, an ideology that hates freedom reared its ugly head and soon we were embroiled in another type of war; a cold war as it became known. Many of those who saw their fathers and grandfather’s march off to war joined the military. They saw it either as an honor, family tradition, or like those of bygone years a civic duty to serve and protect this land and our liberties. This ideology of hate turned hot on the Korean Peninsula in 1950 and once more, America along with many from other free countries, were fighting to maintain the freedom and sovereignty of South Korea. This war however was different; it was treated as a political entity and new rules of engagement were created that limited what those who were serving in what they could do and where they could go, no matter what. This was repeated once more in South Vietnam to the detriment of those who were fighting against that hated ideology called communism. Sadly, when you returned home from that war, there were no parades; the citizens of this country seemed to have become jaded; they did not appreciate your work, your sacrifice, and your love of country. I wept for you all, the dead, the maimed, and those who did not come home because they were abandoned as an expedience for peace. I still mourn for them.

Communism was defeated, once more, you did your duty, not through conflict, but by becoming the best trained and equipped military in the world. To be sure, there are still places where that hated ideology is maintained, but not for much longer, I pray. We sent you to the Middle East in the last part of the last century to free a small country from a bigger one and you accomplished your task with lightening speed that amazed the world.

Now we are engaged in a conflict once more, and once more, you have taken your oath to support and defend this country to heart. Over 2,000 of your fellow soldiers have paid the ultimate price, and I so appreciate each and every life given that I might stand free today.

I am very old now and I fear I might be passing on soon. Before I fade from the American scene, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Armed Forces of America; the soldiers of the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the united States Navy, and the United States Air Force, and The United States Coast Guard. I know the press has not treated you very well; I know that there are some who serve in our government who have belittled you, impugned your honor, and mocked the service you do. I know that there are many in the entertainment industry that despise you and wish all of you a horrible death. How sad; I remember when George M. Cohan wrote his song of Patriotism, how we sung them and learned them by heart.

Today, as I write this, in my heart and mind, I am watching the parades of old. My heartbeat is slowing, my breathing is getting shallower, and I fear I may not be here much longer. So once more, with tears running down my ancient cheeks, and my heart bursting with pride and love for each and every one of you, I say thank you. And in my prayers, I remember all those who fell in battle to preserve the freedom I have. May God continue to bless these United States and those who serve to protect her, even those citizens that hate this land and all it represents.

Thank you once more.


Lady Liberty

---author unknown

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