Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cat Powered

A German inventor says he's found a way to make cheap diesel fuel out of dead cats.Dr Christian Koch, 55, from Kleinhartmannsdorf, said his method uses old tyres, weeds and animal cadavers.They are heated up to 300 Celsius to filter out hydrocarbon which is then turned into diesel by a catalytic converter.He said the resulting "high quality bio-diesel" costs just 15 pence per litre.Koch said the cadaver of a fully grown cat can produce 2.5 litres of fuel - meaning around 20 cats are needed for a full tank.He said, "I tank my car with my own diesel mixture and have driven it for 105,000 miles without any problems."Annelise Krauss of the Dresden Animal Protection Association blasted Koch's new diesel though, saying, "This is as bad as experimenting on animals."


Luke, I am your father


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weapon of the Week

Kel -Tec PLR -16 pistol in .223. This was going to be my BAG day purchase, but ended up having to buy a new refrigerator instead.

From My Cold, Dead, Slightly Irradiated, Hands

Walter Fordyce of Uniontown, Pennsylvania found himself in a jail cell yesterday, charged with attacking and killing his live-in girlfriend with a microwave oven.
Not wanting to get caught behind the curve as they did with machetes, Massachusetts lawmakers moved quickly to introduce legislation that would address this growing hazard before the chaos and mayhem of unregulated kitchen appliance ownership reached their own borders:
Subsection (b) of section 10 of chapter 269 of the General Laws, is hereby amended by adding the following paragraph:- For purposes of this section, “microwave” means “an oven of at least 500 watts in power with automatic settings for both popcorn and pizza.” This subsection shall not apply to carrying a microwave on one’s person or in a vehicle if the microwave is carried for the purpose of heating up Hot Pockets. In a prosecution of a violation of this subsection, there shall be a permissible inference that such carrying of a microwave is not for the purposes of preparing lunch. Such presumption may be rebutted. Any individual who requires a microwave for the purposes of reheating leftover meatloaf shall register the microwave with the local police department on an annual basis and, upon payment of an appropriate annual registration fee, shall be issued a permit authorizing him to possess the microwave solely for that purpose or possibly cutting short the time needed to bake a potato.
Recognizing the growing outcry against microwaves and the negative impact impending legislation could have on those of its members who are just really pressed for time, the NRA has instituted the “Eddie Eagle MicrowaveSafe Program” which teaches children the four steps they should take if they discover a microwave oven:
STOP!Don't set the Timer.Leave the Kitchen.Tell an Adult.
Some cities have gone so far as to file lawsuits against Amana and KitchenAid for the public health consequences of microwave violence. Naturally, this has prompted a backlash with one group passing out bumper stickers that read, “Ted Kennedy’s Car Killed More People Than My Microwave,” (which is at least technically true for everyone whose name is not Walter Fordyce).
How concerned should you be with this crackdown on microwave ownership? We leave you with this timeless World War II-era poem:
When they came for the fondue sets, I did not speak out; after all, I did not use a fondue set.When they confiscated the pasta makers,I did not speak out; after all, I did not use a pasta maker.When they took the aebelskiver pans,I did not speak out; after all, I did not use an aebelskiver pan.Then they came for the George Foreman Grills, and there was no longer anyone left who could make me a perfect grilled cheese sandwich every time.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Weapon of the Week

Model 1895G "Guide Gun"
The hunter who's looking for plenty of power in a compact, stow-anywhere package will find the ideal solution in our Model 1895G. The mighty 45/70 Government cartridge has proven its worth on every species of large North American game, from Maine to Alaska. This rugged lever action rifle weighs only 7 lbs., and features an 18.5" barrel with Ballard-type cut rifling.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Drive thru Tree

Good Answer

A 'touchy-feely' CNN reporter, while interviewing a Marine sniper asked,"What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist." The Marine shrugged and replied, "Recoil."

Monday, April 03, 2006

Charlie's Angels

OK the Real Weapon of the Week

Hensel Mauser 98 Bullpup

Weapon of the Week

Jenning J-22

Dr. Doom

31 March 2006
Recently citizen scientist Forrest Mims told me about a speech he heard at the Texas Academy of Science during which the speaker, a world-renowned ecologist, advocated for the extermination of 90 percent of the human species in a most horrible and painful manner. The Citizen Scientist

Baby Carrots