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Andy Griffith Movie

TV’s all-time favorite sheriff Andy Taylor returns to Mayberry to bury Aunt Bea, brutally murdered after being dragged behind a motorcycle. Andy finds the town overrun by a sadistic leather-clad biker gang headed by Howard Sprague. But the gang is just muscle for a more sinister plot to steal a nuclear missile and blackmail the federal government, a plot masterminded by the most vile and evil character ever to befoul a nation’s television screens: Goober


While the Minutemen in the south are preventing illegal aliens from entering our southern border, Your's truely, Rex Dart is guarding the northern border, preventing the Red Menace from slipping in from Canada. This one was caught violating U.S. air space. He had in his possession a large bag possibly containing explosives. The bag was detonated in a remote area for safety.

Family Circus

Monday, December 19, 2005

You might be a "Gun Nut"

You might be a "Gun Nut" if:-----you have ever loaded a drawer up with so much ammo that you can't open it-----when someone asks how many guns you have, you have to think about it for a minute-----you have ever bought ammo in a caliber that none of your guns fire-----the guns you took to the range cost more then your car-----you carry a different gun every day of the week-----whenever you can't decide which gun to get, you get both-----you get your wife/girlfriend to wear Hoppes 9 instead of her usual perfume.-----you take so many guns to the range and don't shoot half of them.-----you have an extra room in your house just for ammo and guns.-----your home page is set to a firearms related webpage.-----you count the number of bullets that people shoot in a movie and then scream a top of your lungs BULLSH**!!! when a guy using a revover mows down a battalion of criminals without reloading.--- you know more about the Constitution than your lawyer.--- your wife leaves you and you don't mind. Your dog gets run over by a truck and you barely flinch. But you accidentally drop your favorite gun, gets scratched and you cry a river.---- if you ever thought to do your own "Gun Buy-Back" program. Let's face it, even a Saturday Night Special for a $20 Blockbuster Gift Card is a good deal.---- if you have more holster than Imelda Marcos had shoes.---- if you never stop looking for pre-ban hi-cap magazines... even in a supermarket.-----if you can field strip any firearm you own hanging upside down and blindfolded-----if you have ever bought a gun to fill an old holster someone gave you. (So many times I can no longer count 'em.)---- if you have ever bought a gun to shoot up a half-filled 20-round box of ammo someone gave you, because you didn't have a rifle in that caliber yet. Ditto for when someone gives you an old set of reloading dies in some obscure caliber.-----if you have ever accidentally run a pocket pistol through the wash and spin cycles, still in your pants pocket.----- if you do not own a single fabric-based item (clothing, bags or suitcases) that does NOT set off the explosives trace detector at the airport.-----if you have ever bought a gun that is identical to TWO you already own, because the first two are out-of-production NIB examples and you can't bring yourself to shoot them.-----When buying something with pocket change, you have to pick the dimes and quarters out of a handful of loose ammo.-----if you regularly find guns around the house and in far corners of the safe that you have no memory of buying ... and such discoveries no longer surprise you.-----if you have ever busted a spring on your car from piling too much ammo in the trunk on the way to a shoot.-----For you NFA junkies: You know the birthday of your BATF examiner, even though you can't remember your wife's.-----if you have ever researched a firearm you own to find out the date it was manufactured ... and then thrown a birthday party for it.-----if you go to WalMart for back-to-school supplies, then must explain to your wife why that includes 1k of 9mm Win white box.-----if your dog is "Dog" and your cat is "Cat," but each of your guns has a name. (Well, at least the guns you're closest to -- ya know, the ones you've bonded with.)-----when you say "Damn ! That is a sexy looking piece!", your wife knows you are not looking at another woman.----- whenever you see a story on TV about a gator spotted in a neighborhood, you think "Crap, there goes another target of opportunity."----- if your AR, after installing all the new gadgets, now weighs more than a FAL.----- if any time a wheather person on TV gives the latest update on the hurricane du jour, you wonder if you have enough ammo.---- if your hurricane panels have shooting ports.-----if you have to have additional homeowner's insurance specifically for firearms.-----if the cops have ever called Homeland Security after pulling you over-----if you have ever carried more then two guns at once-----when the local gunshop needs an obscure magazine, they call you-----when you call your local rep's office, the guy who answers groans and says "I'll tell him again not to vote for AWB" as soon as he hears your name-----if you have more holsters then pants-----if the movers all groan when they see your gunsafe-----if you spend half an hour bitching about how the good guy in the movie killed 20 badguys firing full-auto from the hip-----if your spend another half an hour explaining how the movie would have been over in 10 minutes if any of the bad guys victims had a gun-----if you regularly just sit and stare at your guns for a while, and the rest of your family doesn't find this strange-----if you reach into your pocket for change at the local 7-11 and pull out loose ammo along with your change.-----if the guy working at the 7-11 knows you and isn't surprised.-----if you have a poster of Burt Gummer holding an 8 bore rifle. ("Guess you broke into the wrong God damn rec room, didn't ya!")-----if you can actually take a nap in a gun range.-----if you felt a knot in your stomach when they showed US Soldiers destroying a cache of brand spanking new AK-74 on the news.-----if you considered that the cheaply goldplated HK MP-5 was reason enough to oust Hussein.-----When you mount a tripod, bayonet and flash suppressor to your N.A.A. 22 MINI MAG------If you do a complete breakdown of all your weapons just to stay in practice - "especially if you haven't made it to the range lately"------if you find more .22LR than loose change when you clean out your car.------if your nightstand is stacked with gun rags and firearm technical and reloading manuals.------if you build a portable reloading system so you can reload in the family room and not miss your favorite tv-show.----if the local SWAT teams stop by your house for guns and ammo before heading out to the big bust.

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Crack Ho of the Week

Whitney Houston

Weapon of the Week

The XM25 air-burst assault weapon is a next-generation, semi-automatic weapon system designed for effectiveness against enemies protected by walls, dug into foxholes, or hidden in hard-to-reach places.
The XM25 provides the soldier with a 300 to 500% increase in hit probability to defeat point, area, and defilade targets out to 500 meters. The weapon features revolutionary high-explosive, air-burst ammunition programmed by the weapon's target acquisition/fire control system.
It includes five different types of ammunition:
- Thermobaric
- Flechette- Training- High Explosive Air Bursting- Non-Lethal"

Donkey Lie

Joe Lieberman

Saturday, December 10, 2005 vs Senior Citizens

This startling footage shows a recent confrontation between a group of demonstrators (dressed in red) in Madison,WI, and some senior citizens out for a stroll. The Moveon crowd were chanting "Death to Americans in Iraq," which provoked the seniors, many of them veterans. The groups were soon engaged in what can only be described as a bloody free for all. The mêlée ended with the red army (mostly students from the Univ. of Wisconsin) fleeing for their lives. Most were run down by senior citizens riding Hoveround scooters, and beaten to death with canes and crutches. No seniors were harmed. Details of the riot have been suppressed by the MSM, who were on the losing side.

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Jews That Care About Christmas

WASHINGTON (AP) Dec. 2, 2005 - "Why would a group of Jews who don't celebrate Christmas care about the disappearance of Christmas?"
That question was asked and answered by Don Feder (FED'-ur), president of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation, at a Washington news conference.
Feder, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, human rights activist Michael Horowitz and comedian Jackie Mason defended Christmas as a positive expression of the religious values that have made America a safe haven for the Jewish people.
Lapin said Jews who oppose any mention of Christmas are generally those whose only claim to Judaism is a rejection of Jesus.


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