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Mardi Gras

Victims of a callous Bush administration attempt to put their lives back together.

Weapon of the Week

Ares FMG
9mm M-21 submachine gun by Dave Boatman was a very close copy of the Ares FMG submachine gun. Shown here in its folded configuration, M-21 is disguised as a portable radio set of the time (mid-1980s).Eugene Stoner (the designer of the M16 rifle and then a mastermind of the innovative arms-making company Ares Inc.) developed an idea of the easily concealable submachine gun in the early 1980s. Following many cases of kidnapping of high-ranking politicians and wealthy businessmen (especially in Western Europe and Latin America), Stoner conceived an idea of the "businessman's personal defence weapon" - an easily concealable firearm that could provide serious firepower at shorter ranges. He then developed a folding submachine gun concept - a firearm that can be folded into an unsuspicially looking package and then quickly unfolded and brought to action when necessary. Stoner patented his design in around 1986, and few prototypes were made by Ares Inc in about the same time. However, complexities of the individual ownership of a fully automatic weapon like submachine gun, as well as other issues caused this project to be shelved. What is more interesting, that in about same time at least one American gunsmith, Dave Boatman, produced very similar weapon and actually marketed it before US Government prohibited further manufacture of fully automatic weapons for civilian consumption in 1986. The actual connections between Stoner's Ares FMG weapon and Boatman's M-21 weapon are unknown, but two submachine guns are almost identical in concept and very close in design details. Furthermore, very similar weapon was produced several years later in Russia as the PP-90. It has been made in limited number but found to be unreliable and awkward to operate, and is entirely unpopular among Russian law enforcement officers.
The Ares FMG is a simple blowback weapon, firing from open bolt. Bolt is telescoped around the barrel, return spring also is located around the barrel, inside the bolt. Receiver is made from stamped steel, and consists of two parts, hinged at the middle of the weapon. Hollow pistol grip is also hinged to the receiver, and hosts the box magazine. Charging handle was located at the bottom in the front of the receiver, and stayed still when gun was fired. It also served as a protection for shooter's supporting hand, to avoid it from slipping forward and toward the muzzle. To fold the weapon, user must push the lock button, located inside bottom-opened rear part of the receiver just behind the pistol grip, then fold the rear part of the receiver down and forward. To unfold the Ares gun, one must push locking buttons at either side of the front part of the receiver, then pull weapon casing open. Boatman's M-21 gun differed in the locking arrangements of folding receiver / casing - it had a single latch, located on the top front section of the receiver next to the hinge point. Another difference between Ares FMG and Boatman's M-21 was in the sights. Ares gun had no sights at all, as it was probably designed as a very close combat weapon. M-21 had sights concealed within detachable carrying handle. M-21 also had removable rear plate with fake telescoped rod antenna, for better imitation of the portable radio unit and as a dust cover that protected inner workings of the weapon when stored or carried in folded configuration. This plate should be removed before gun can be brought from folded to open position. Another difference between Ares FMG and M-21 was that the latter has several sling swivels, and Ares gun had none.
Data for prototype Ares FMG
Caliber: 9x19mm Luger/Para
Weight: 2.09 kg empty
Length (closed/open): 270 / 490 mm
Barrel length: n/a
Rate of fire: ~500-600 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Effective range: less than 100 meters

Animals Eat Stupid People

Feel the poop! It's still warm! Libtard Timothy Treadwell.

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More Craziness from the Middle East

Tom and Jerry, the lovable cat and mouse locked in cartoon combat, is a Jewish conspiracy, according to an Iranian official.

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Weapon of the Week

Jayne's "Vera" from the Firefly series. Based on a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun. Click on post title for more info.

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Anti-Hippie Action League

A hippie still searching for his mothership

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Carter and the Killer Rabbit

Click on post title for complete story. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Carter Library

Bush Fails to Prevent Blizzard

Bush Fails To Prevent East Coast Blizzard Minorities Hit Hardest by Some Lefty Reporter 02/12/06
As President Bush and his staff cowered in the White House, the snow continued to pile up on the many poor and African Amercian victims who could not afford to get out of town or to safety in Florida. Crucial supplies of blankets, hot cocoa, popcorn and dark rum - so essential to surviving the stress of any major snowstorm - lay in stores undelivered.
“Where is the government? I need my sidewalk shovelled so I can get out to buy my damn lottery tickets!” said one D.C. resident from his living room. “Why are we wasting money in Iraq when we could be spending it here on me?”
Progressive blogs blasted the President for his inaction. “We find the timing terribly suspicious - just as the Domestic Spying hearings kick into high gear, what happens? A major northeast Blizzard. Why now?” wrote blogger FukAmericanNBush2.

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Weapon of the Week

In 1984 the Italian firm of Sites introduced the Spectre submachine-gun. At the time the international weapons press was very positive about the new weapon, but it has failed to get large orders. This is really a shame, for although the Spectre looks a bit "cheaper" than, say, a H&K MP5, it is just as good a weapon. The Spectre certainly has some things going for it: It fires from a closed bolt for better accuracy, is relatively small, has a innovative magazine design, a standard folding stock, a standard vertical forward grip, and unlike most submachine-guns, it has a double action trigger and a decocking lever, meaning that the weapon can be carried totally safe, and is fired much like a lot of pistols, with a first heavy trigger pull, and subsequent lighter trigger pulls. The barrel has polygonal rifling, which increases its life, and is better for accuracy. The magazine has four rows of bullets next to each other, allowing it to be much less long for a given number of bullets. The fifty round magazine for the Spectre is about as long as a thirty round magazine for a MP-5. A thirty round magazine is also available.Weight: 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg) (empty)
Caliber: 9 mm
Barrel: 5.1 inch (13 cm)
Length: 23.2 inch (58 cm), 14 inch (35 cm) with folded stock
Action: Unlocked blowback, fires from closed bolt.
Mode of Fire: 3 available: Semi-Automatic / Full-Automatic
Rate of Fire: 850 rpm Range: 250 ft (76.2 m) Magazine: 30 / 50 round
Cost: ?
Made in: Italy
Special: Innovative design, high capacity. Reliable. A good, but underrated design. Get one if you can.

A Nightmare Come True

Sometimes childhood fears are well founded.
The former Miss Czech Republic 1999 runs a foundation in New York that supports disadvantaged children in nine countries, and she wanted to see what she could do to help in Cuba. But on Monday, Cuban security police detained Houdova and her travel companion, Czech psychologist Mariana Kroftova, while they were taking photographs in the poor Havana neighbourhood of Arroyo Naranjo.
"They screamed at us. We were afraid,” Houdova said. “We grew up under communism and know what it is like."
"Something needs to change here,” Kroftova said.

Without freedom the littlest things become impossible.

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Yours truly, Rex Dart standing in front of "the Gipper" out by Rapid City, South Dakota. A little known fact is that Reagan saved a woman from a mugger using his 45. Click on title post to read the entire story.

Christiane Amanpour Throughout History (Part 2 of More Than 1)

"I don't think there's any doubt that this war has turned out to be a disaster for many negroes, who were provided with food, clothing and shelter free of charge prior to the signing of the so-called Emancipation Proclamation, and are now left to fend for themselves."

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Child Discipline

Since spanking is no longer politically correct, some desperate parents have taken to bringing the misbehaving child for a little car ride. We've heard they usually respond well...