Wednesday, March 12, 2008

24 Shot Revolver


This 38 special single action was built by a guy in North Dakota. Thx to my buddy Mark for taking the pictures with his camera phone.




James said...

Amazing what a guy gan do with a cnc machine these days. Gawd I love the 21st century!

Jim March said...

Here's the really cool part.

The typical SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) match stage has one shooting two standard SA revolvers (five shots each), a lever-action rifle (10 shots) and a shotgun (four shots). Add it up: 24. Exactly the capacity of this critter. You could do a whole stage without reloading :).

The problem lies in how in God's name would the holster work? :D.

Chumgrinder said...

Hm. These cylinder walls look a lot thinner than is usually seen on revolvers in this caliber range.