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Africa. A rich, diverse, beautiful continent turned into a waste by natives who still have tribal wars, whose leaders are corrupt, vile, and tyrannical.

Yet we continue to pour aid into that mess under the guise of “humanitarian efforts.”

The cost to the world? Trillions since the mid 60s.

And for what? Africa’s population has soared from about 270,000,000 to over 800,000,000! It’s basically tripled! Compare that to our population in 1960 of 179,000,000 and the 300,000,000 million today. Less than double.

Meanwhile, President Bush is sending billions more under the pretense of helping AIDS victims but which we know will end up in the pockets of thieving bureacrats.

And now we have some asshats in Washington saying we need to double our spending for food aid for these ungrateful wretches.

With the era of cheap food and fuel over, the United States must double global food aid and help poor countries upgrade farming techniques little changed from antiquity, a Washington-based think tank urged on Tuesday.

A task force for the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a series of recommendations including a doubling of U.S. emergency food aid to $3.2 billion annually and a determined effort to raise farm productivity around the world.

“In some parts of the world, farmers are trying to feed their families with technology that would not seem out of place in biblical times,” said Sen. Richard Lugar, who co-chairs the task force with Democratic Sen. Robert Casey of Pennsylvania.

The report said $1 billion should be spent on developmental projects to promote rural agricultural productivity.

You’ve got to be shittin’ me? More money to help their agriculture? How many tractors, pumps, tillers, etc. do we have to send to these people? What happened to THEIR government doing something? This “agricultural aid” has been going on for over 40 years? Where’s the GAO doing accountability studies of those monies?

Basically what we are doing is enabling these people to have even more kids to go off and kill each other.

It’s time we stopped all aid to Africa and let it de-populate itself and let Darwin take over. And re-colonize it.

Stolen from Kickin and Screaming

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